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At Custom Homes by Sam Vercher integrity, honesty and customer satisfaction are achieved through old-fashioned work ethics. Sam Vercher believes that “Quality Counts”. No matter how large the project, quality and workmanship are the goals. He ensures integrity through every step by being a “hands on builder”.

A home builder for more than 30 years, Sam understands the importance of establishing good communication with the client and the project team. After all, the ultimate outcome is to build a home that is warm, comfortable, livable and built to the highest standard.

Whether it is new construction or remodeling your home, a sound design is crucial to the final product.  We at Custom Homes by Sam Vercher have developed a time efficient system for helping you through the process of building your home.

“Growing up in Louisiana afforded me the opportunity for exposure to craftsmanship rare to wood-woking today. The homes built in the 18th and 19th centuries in the Natchitoches area were a blend of Old World craftsmanship and indigenous materials that can only be described as exquisite. Noticing this composition of shapes and textures at an early age, I realized the allure of the craft and the materials (especially wood) that to this day binds me to what I do.”

Sam Vercher

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