Where You Can Find Build

Based on the amazing response we have received, we will continue to add, improve, and expand BUILD Magazine into new locations like the Whistler, Canada. We are currently available in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, and Bozeman and Whitefish, Montana, Bend, Oregon and Southern Oregon with more locations like Hawaii and Whistler, Canada + Others coming soon!

We print and distribute 15,000 copies annually in each market. 10,000 copies are distributed to local high-end hotels, resorts, vacation management properties, visitor centers, real estate and professional offices, high-end car dealerships and trade shows.  Additionally, we even hold special event launches in each market to kick off a new magazine. 3,000 copies are direct mailed to homes, and 2,000 copies are mailed to professional offices. We will customize the distribution to match the economics and targets for each Build Magazine market.