Lauten Woodworking Ltd

Interior Finishings | Whistler – Sea to Sky

Located on the North Shore near West Vancouver, Lauten Woodworking finds itself in great proximity to the majority of their work in the luxury home markets of West Vancouver, Vancouver West Side, Downtown and Whistler. Established in 2006 by Adrian Lauten and Kate Walker, Lauten has built a reputation as one of the leaders in the high-end millwork industry and works with some of the most sought-after Designers and Architects in the city.

We collaborate closely with the client’s design team to draw a balance between unique designs that are not only visually stunning and impeccably crafted but also functional and purposeful, to bring our client’s dreams to fruition. With this unique set of skills come high demand, growth and the continued pursuit of perfection.

With a recent shop expansion, growth is a continual topic around the shop, not only in reference to size but innovative techniques, technologies, cutting-edge materials, and our incredibly talented staff. The addition of a German made automated flat-line to apply finishes and in conjunction partnering with one of the global leaders in the wood coatings industry based in Italy, Lauten has switched their entire operation to high performance Polyurethane and Water-based coatings. In line with strict European environmental regulations Lauten Woodworking now only offers finishing solutions with no off-gassing while increasing durability.

At Lauten we relish the challenges and demands of every unique project and continue to push boundaries. Quality Never Compromised!

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