Harry J Crouse Designs, Inc.

Architect & Designer | Tyler, Texas

Dreams are just that for some. For Harry J. Crouse, his vision to become a residential home designer started when he was child. His young passion for design inspired him to craft the “Tiffany” of custom homes, with his recent completion of the 21,000 square foot masterpiece in eastern Texas (featured on the front and back cover).

When his clients announced that they wanted “to move clothes only,” Harry’s passion was ignited. He was hired to begin the project from the ground up, situating the home on the wooded 30-acre lot, to electing the final details of glassware and linens. “The clients had no criteria for style or design, thus I created a home designed with elements so important to me: lighting, scale and proportion,” he said.

His fanaticism for light and scale is achieved by his design preference of single-story homes, proportionately set on the property allowing maximum light to be captured from different angles. Harry explained. “In this home, there are three sun exposures in the living room and the four bedrooms have two exposures,” he said. In Texas, western exposure is unfavorable, he added

Harry Crouse designed our new home. I can’t even begin to say how much we loved working with him. he is simply the Best!!! Our new home exceeded our expectations!!! If we ever decide to build another home, we are not building it without Harry.

~ Homeowner of a Harry Crouse Design

Harry places a high priority on his clients’ taste and personal styles over current trends in the field. These homeowners valued their art collection, he explained. “Developing a relationship with my client and seeing their art is what inspired my design of their home. I wanted their personal collection to be supported by all facets of the home,” he said. Harry also places a high value of incorporating the exterior natural elements of a property. He featured courtyards designed around the
living spaces and bedrooms to complement the property’s park-like, wooded surroundings. “Looking out is equally important as the room design itself,” Harry said.

Harry stressed that he oversees every inch and detail while a home is being built. “I am a very hands on designer and have constant contact with all the contractors.” He started Harry J Crouse Design in 1983 after having worked 10 years in Dallas. “We are a small crew of three and take on a limited number of projects to ensure positive client relationships from start to finish,” he said. Harry’s dreams must have been vivid. The reality of his design work can be appreciated in the Texas and Colorado fine homes showcasing his talent.

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