Elodie Holmes | Liquid Light Glass

Home Decor | Artisan | Santa Fe, New Mexico

Elodie Holmes is an internationally acclaimed artist of the contemporary glass movement, with over 38 years of experience honing her craft. Elodie was born into a family of artists in Washington, D.C. Holmes began studying ceramics at a young age and later at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. She went on to study at the California College of the Arts, under the instruction of Viola Frey. It was here that she met one of the founders of the studio glass art movement.

As her initial passion for ceramics gave way to hot glass, Holmes moved to New Mexico in 1981 to co-manage a glass shop and to develop her body of work. Three years later, she became a teaching assistant at the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, Washington.

After returning to New Mexico, she founded her own glass studio in 1986. Over the course of the following decade, Holmes showed her work in galleries and museums across the country and internationally.

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