Drabek Technologies Ltd

Interior Finishings | Okanagan, BC

Drabek Technologies Ltd. is company known for its innovation, and ability to successfully respond to challenges and requests, for unique architectural and interior design projects.

Our company creates customized unique designs, with a focus on detail and precision metalwork. We proudly stand behind every piece we create, to ensure our customers are satisfied. A love for metal, modern technology, as well as our collective knowledge and skills; help us to meet your architectural and interior design ideas.

We take your ideas, and translate them into a unique and beautiful product, through meticulously planned stages. Our process is designed to ensure that the product we create meets each customer’s unique vision. Drabek Technologies analyzes your drawings, and suggests the best options for materials, for manufacturing and finishing your project. Our engineering department will suggest the best solution, to complete your project to your satisfaction. Our engineering and design departments, work with you to bring your ideas into reality, using the latest technology to create exclusive, high-end custom products.

We craft one of a kind museum-quality products, inside and outside of the home; and welcome the challenges in each location; whether in a living-room, garden or stair-well.

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