Okanangan Covertec

Home Finishings | Okanagan Valley, BC

Ever thought about creating a staycation where you could enhance your personal residence and life by creating a year-round outdoor, yet indoor, retreat?

Okanagan Covertec creates the perfect space to celebrate special moments, such as surprising your significant other with a romantic evening dinner under the stars. How about a space to host your children’s birthday party or an extra space to place their toys? Need a zen space where you can do yoga or read a good book? A Covertec room creates endless usage possibilities, an astonishing atmosphere that is protected from the rain, up to 300km/h winds and the winter storms. Build lasting relationships over games night or mingle with friends while serving your favorite dish or beverage. By investing in an outdoor space by Okanagan Covertec you give yourself the opportunity to get back into nature and improve your own personal wellness, right in the comfort of your own home.

Our cover products now feature LED lights so you can create the perfect setting right from your smart phone. Our retractable glass walls feature both privacy blinds and screens so you can maximize your outdoor comfort. Consider the increased security with our lockable glass panels; improved energy efficiencies; reduced outdoor noise and the flexibility to open or close the retractable panels at any time. With our committed team and many years of experience we are bound to have some great ideas to make your staycation dreams come true.

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