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Architecture is more than just shelter. It is creating a space that connects people on an emotional level with a structure” says Chris Lee, principal architect with DA Architects in Jackson, WY.

I design homes that are as unique as their owners and the landscape in which they are built. Designing involves hundreds of choices and decisions. The keys to getting it right is understanding my clients as well as the environment in which we are building.
I think a lot about who’s going to be living in the homes I design. Learning about my clients, how they live and how their life experience has shaped them, enables me to create customized spaces that feel like home from day one. By taking into account regional, cultural and environmental influences, it connects the home to the landscape and gives it a sense of belonging.

There’s no guesswork in the approach and no room for disappointment. From production to 3D animation, to physical modeling, to site & field surveys by drone, DA we create a design/build process that is completely unique. “We have a funny saying here—don’t use your imagination unless you absolutely have to,” jokes Chris. “It’s true, there’s no guesswork and that’s the point. We show clients what a property looks and feels like.“
Our clients are building their dream homes and the process should be pleasurable every step of the way—it should be one step closer to your life in Jackson Hole.

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