Timberline Construction

Custom Home Builders| Bend, Oregon

With more than two decades of building and remodeling in Central Oregon, Timberline Construction of Bend has never forgotten that the homes we build are for the families who will live in them. Keenly focused on quality and relentlessly dedicated to the process, we construct the most exceptional homes.

At Timberline, we don’t look at our projects as mere shelters from the elements. We know that each home is a space where real people will spend mornings getting ready for work, afternoons doing homework in the kitchen, and time gathering with loved ones on the patio or in the great room. Memories will be made within the walls we construct, so we believe our work should stand the test of time.

The Timberline team takes a collaborative approach to each project. Working closely with homeowners, tradespeople, and each other, we combine time-tested methods with unique solutions to design concepts. By bringing a depth of knowledge and willingness to continue learning, we can truly customize each home.

Our Team has extensive and varied construction backgrounds, building everything from modern and contemporary homes to mountain lodges and old-world villas. We have remodeled everything from historic Bend mill houses to 80’s era vacation homes.

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