Erik Oldham Architect

Architect | Bend, Oregon

My goal is to be your guide through a personalized design and building process, working with you towards the realization of a unique and fulfilling environment that is custom tailored to your site, your needs and your budget.

I provide cost-effective, client-based architectural services for projects of all scopes and sizes, from kitchen remodels to urban planning studies. Each project is a personal commitment, and I approach each with a degree of thoroughness and thoughtfulness that reflects and respects the depth of your own commitment.

I believe every project is a unique opportunity to create a respectful, beautiful environment. I want to help you realize your project’s fullest potential in a design that rises above the ordinary.

I was born and raised in Colorado. After graduating from Wesleyan University and working for two years at architectural firms in Denver and Seattle, I attended Yale University School of Architecture, where I graduated in 1990. I’ve been living and practicing in Bend since 2003.

I can’t recommend Erik highly enough… A common thread amond Erik’s reviews is his abiliyt to truly listen and internalize your needs, and then to produce exquisite designs that address those needs. Now that we are actually living in our new home, we are even more deeply impressed with Erik’s design. 

~ Jeff Parrish

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