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Since 1988 Artisan Homes and Design has earned a stellar reputation for innovative design, impeccable quality, and superior customer service. Don Denning, CEO of Artisan Homes and Design, handles all of the home design and construction while Suzanne Denning provides all the interior design and often continues to work with homeowners to provide custom furnishings and window treatments. This unique paring of talents allows their clients to receive complete turn-key home construction services.

There are dozens of things you will notice that are different when you visit an Artisan Home. Some make a major contribution to the comfort, healthiness, safety and livability of the home while others reduce maintenance and energy costs. Collectively we refer to all of these differences as “The Artisan Advantage” meaning, they make owning and living in a typical Artisan Home an advantage to its Owners.

For example, we offer two different types of building systems, both having many advantages over typical homes. They both provide exceptional energy efficiency, low maintenance, significantly reduce indoor air toxins, reduce air infiltration, highly reduce sound transmission and provide the ultimate creature comfort.


  • Insulated and sealed underfloor crawl space. The crawl space is conditioned with recycled air from the heat recovery whole house air exchange system. This system creates warmer floors, reduces drafts, saves significant heating costs, eliminates foundation vents and unwanted animals and insects that live under your house.
  • Added polyiso insulation to all exterior walls. It increases the R-value by 50% (from R-21 to R-32) reduces fuel costs all year around, reduces noise intrusion by over 50% and further reduces drafts.
  • Glu-lam and engineered wood framing material. Increases building strength, reduces interior cracks, further reduces interior noise level.
  • Hand plastered interior walls. Enhances wall performance, increases durability and provides a hand textured appearance.
  • Wood interior doors with engineered wood cores. Provides excellent performance, privacy, sound control and appearance.
  • Ultra-high performance heating and cooling equipment. 96 – 98% efficiency. Includes humidification, air exchange and filtering system. Reduces fuel costs, reduces noise level of equipment, dramatically increases indoor air quality, conditions under floor crawl space and balances indoor humidity.


This system replaces most of the wood walls with steel reinforced concrete walls and the wood framed floors with concrete slab floors. The ICF Building System has the same “Artisan Advantages” as the wood framing system plus these additional advantages:

  • The ICF concrete/steel wall is about 10 times stronger than the wood framed system.
  • While both have a similar R-Value the ICF home will reduce fuel costs between 15 – 20% compared to the wood framed home.
  • The concrete home will be approximately 8 times quieter than the wood framed home.
  • The concrete home is 10 times more resistant to rot and insect damage, 14 times stronger and stable under stress, 8 times more resistant to lateral damage, and has 3 times the anticipated structural life span of the wood framed home.

We can provide additional data to help you decide which is the best for your family. The initial cost of your home will be slightly more if you choose the concrete option but the long-term ownership cost will be substantially less

Don and Suzanne Denning are a husband and wife team who share a love of design and the joy of assisting clients with their own dreams of “home”. Pushing the envelope and creating designs that are both fresh and timeless has been their hallmark. What motivates them is the intimate feeling of making families happy and the enjoyment of creating homes that will be cherished for generations to come. Artisan Homes is equally qualified to build both ICF concrete homes and conventional wood constructed homes. They are pioneers in “green” building practices and are outstanding in their commitment to energy-conscious construction.

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